McCormick Commons & Residential Center


The McCormick Commons and Residential Center opened in January 2007 and is named after longtime Greyhound Basketball supporters, Harold “Doc” and Mabel McCormick. The Residential Center houses all athletes as well as MACC students who elect to live on campus.

The 2,700 square-foot Commons is the main entrance to both men’s and women’s dormitories. It has floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The Commons contains a lounge, flat screen TV, game area, private computer lab/study room, kitchen, computer ports and a deck connected to the back of the building. Rooms are set up as two-person suites connected by a bathroom. Laundry facilities are located in the Center, as well.

The new dorms give our athletes a great housing environment. It is just one more thing that makes MACC a great place to begin your college career.

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